Cultivating a Growth Mindset – Part 2

In the previous column that I wrote, I introduced the topic of growth mindset vs fixed mindset. As a reminder, a growth mindset is a belief that people can learn new skills and abilities through practice, which embraces failed attempts. This view develops a strong love for learning, seeing life as an exciting journey with … Read more

Cultivating a Growth Mindset

Throughout all of these articles written so far this year, I have continued to express the need for “new thought’ and innovation within the world of education. The truth of the matter is something that every person can agree on; we need to be developing learners to thrive in a future that is unpredictable. For … Read more

VIDEO | Teenagers in the Trenches

Teenagers are growing up in a world where the education system grades you, the business sector evaluates you, the sporting world ranks you, and social media likes you. Madz Deyzel, pastoral counsellor, together with a team of experts, explains some of the challenges that teenagers are facing today and what we, as parents and educators, … Read more

Education: A tool to develop citizenship

In previous articles, I have referred to the fact that a major component of any 21st-century-focused educational institution is to prepare and equip learners with a skill set that will allow them to thrive in an uncertain and unpredictable future. Initially, most of us will link this future to jobs and careers that, potentially, don’t … Read more

PODCAST | Preparing Leaders at King’s

KLA (King’s Leadership Academy) focuses on three main areas, Character, Competency, and Collaboration. Jason and Naphtalie both work in the King’s Leadership Department at The King’s College and Preparatory School, they are passionate about discovering potential and seeing learners develop it. Their excitement and passion for the next generation is contagious, you’ll feel it while … Read more

Making Thinking Visible – Part 2

Thinking happens mostly in our heads, invisible to others and sometimes even to ourselves. A move in future-focused education is for thinking to become visible, both to help learners and educators aware of their thinking and allow others to benefit from seeing thinking in action. In a previous article, I spoke about the concept of … Read more

PODCAST | Meet the King’s Sports Team

Today we have some key members of The King’s College sports department with us. Ricardo Katza (a former Bafana Bafana captain) leads the sports department at King’s, and Hayley and Didintle are coaches who have succeeded in their sporting careers. In this episode, they share some of their background stories and discuss how sports have … Read more