The King’s Leadership Academy exists to serve The King’s College & Preparatory School in its vision of raising and releasing Godly leaders through education. We are passionate about ‘mining the gold’ that God has placed within every learner and preparing our learners for their preferred future. Our young leaders will be equipped with the practical leadership skills and tools to be history makers in South Africa and beyond.
Every Grade 6 – 12 learner will go on a Leadership Development Journey throughout their school career. The Leadership Development Journey is tailored to each grade group and progresses each year. When the learner matriculates, he/she will enter adulthood with a secure leadership foundation and skillset. This is achieved by creating intentional leadership-forming moments in an environment that is conducive to young people growing into their God-ordained purpose.

Leadership Focus
Areas & Activities:

Preparing Leaders
  • Prepare-To-Lead Events
  • Grade Camps
  • KLA Unboxed | Thought-leader Think Tanks
  • Life Orientation (LO) Lessons
Spiritual Formation
  • Fresh Fridays
  • Life Orientation (LO) Lessons
  • The Apologetics Playbook: Got Questions?
Meaningful Contribution
  • Social & City Impact
  • Community Service & Outreaches
  • LOC (Love Our City) Initiatives
  • Kliptown Youth Programme